The idea

The idea of this server-sided mod or plugin would be to:

  • provide a server command to define the race of a player (meaning REAL race, like hobbit, man, elf, dwarf, orc, ent, etc. and NOT some stupid idea about one's skin colour...), with:
    • an appropriate Minecraft skin (ideally among those of the LOTR mod NPCs, already available both on the client and server side)
    • a custom width,depth and height, with the corresponding collision box
    • custom eyes level height
    • different characteristics (health)
    • maybe permanent effects
  • maintain these characteristics at respawn (after player death) or login.

Overlapping with the LOTR mod

This is something that is NOT planned in the LOTR mod:

Can you add race selection?
I will never add this, due to compatibility issues. Custom player skins are not compatible with, for example, dwarf, hobbit, and elf models. If race selection was added, you would not be able to use a custom skin. Also, changing the size of the player could interfere with vanilla game mechanics or other mods.

However, the alignment system and the quest system will allow you to customise your experience on a much greater level than a race system. There are also mods such as iChun's Morph mod that probably already offer something like what you're looking for.
If the Morph mod exists, why can't you add race selection?
To reiterate. Race selection is not planned in any form. Custom player skins are not compatible with NPC models. If race selection was added, you would not be able to use a custom skin.


However, it seems to be do-able:

  • More Player Models mod or plugin already allows you to change your player skin to any model included in the LOTR mod. It worked perfectly till beta 24.4, and correctly with later versions. However, it has no way to lock the player's appearance or to set a skin in non interactive mode
  • This mod also gave the possibility to change the player's size (including the eyes level till version beta 24.4 of the LOTR mod), and it has also been done by others
  • The concept of eyes level is supported in Minecraft source code
  • The characteristics part has different things defined in the player's NBT data structure
  • Permanent effects are already modifyable using different mods and plugins (I use the Permanent Effects plugin)
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